Social Awareness Network for Activism through Art

What We Do

The Purpose of SANAA is to promote a fusion between art and activism on UCLA’s campus and in the greater Los Angeles community. SANAA is a multi-racial organization that will promotes the expression of social justice concerns through the use of art in a community-based space. SANAA also seeks to provide a venue for a network of individuals who care about the world, art, and activism at UCLA to go into communities in Los Angeles and help facilitate the development of children in LA into socially conscious and concerned young adults. This social awareness network will allow people of color and their allies to come together on one accord and address the issues that those who are underprivileged and underrepresented face, not only on UCLA’s campus, but in universities across the nation, and also the communities we represent. UCLA is lacking in arts and social justice and especially in the fusion of both. Also, people of color lack a space in which they may come and express concerns regarding issues that we as human beings face without a cultural divide between races. SANAA seeks to establish this space through the embodiment of hip-hop culture, along with social awareness in an effort to allows individuals to work alongside one another and not only learn about themselves, but learn about people who they may have perceived as different. Along with this personal growth, SANAA aims at allowing individuals to understand and tackle the issues that plague communities not only in Los Angeles, but in the world in general. Through partnerships among various student-initiated groups, SANAA hopes to focus its efforts on a campaign promoting personal growth, social awareness, and most importantly, action.

The organization will host poetry slams, open mics, rap/dance battles, dance workshops, beat boxing workshops, poetry/rap writing workshops, concerts, bi-weekly meetings, field trips to art galleries, shows, DJ workshops, workshops on social justice and issues in the world, discussions and speakers, study sessions, support group, art classes, self-defense and conflict resolution classes, book club, dances and parties, theater shows, community service, film festivals, hosting of art galleries/exhibits, etc.