Social Awareness Network for Activism through Art

SANAA's Community Project

Art. Activism. Academics.

SANAA works weekly with students from Los Angeles Unified School District, participating in workshops, field trips, trainings, academic tutoring, and more.

SANAA aims at using art as a way to make the high school process more enriching. On top of incorporating arts in their curriculum, we hope to encourage the students to:


  • Engage in dialogue about problems impacting their communities
  • Learn to effectively communicate their thoughts and opinions through art, activism, and academics
  • Develop into socially conscious and concerned young adults


Artist Anawanatia claims, “Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.


By allowing students to use art as a means to not only express themselves but discover themselves, they will be given the tools to become conscious beings and critically question the environment in which we live. 


 Students at Dominguez High School



DHS students at UCLA


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